Today’s conundrum, my friends, is:

Who is the most despicable c++t? Dr. Liam Fox MP or Wayne Rooney, pug faced Premiership footballer?
It’s a difficult one, but to mix the languages of football and politics, at the end of the day let me make myself quite clear that the winner is…

Dr. Liam Fox MP

The jury awarded the prize to the dissembling Conservative minister on the basis that as a well-educated bastion (that’s bastion) of society he really has no excuse for having no ethical or moral compass and lying repeatedly to the people who pay his wages; or to use the incisive terminology of my good friend N.Edwards Esq. for being a c++t of the first order.

Rooney, on the other hand, left school at the age of seven and is as thick as pig shit, and can therefore be excused for being a greedy, over paid c++t. Especially since all those he plays footie alongside are exactly the same. Especially Frank Lampard.

Tomorrow’s conundrum:
Which is worse, X-Factor or Pobol y Cwm?



  1. caroline cousins says:

    Cunt doesn’t seem entirely apt for Dr Fox, who would , it seems, probably run screaming from one…

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