Last Saturday saw Hollywood come to West Wales – well, that’s a lie actually, it was far better than Hollywood.

Theatr Mwldan in Cardigan saw the penultimate stop of the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s UK tour, and a fine night of outdoor film action it was.

From free climbing to kayaking, powder skiing to mountain biking, we saw a collection of award winning films from the 2009 Banff Mountain Film Festival that were variously inspirational, amusing and heartbreaking.

It also made me realise what a load of tinsel town dross comes out of Hollywood compared to the real lives of the people featured in these films – give me a shot of a man on a board or skis anyday as opposed to overpaid whiners like Mel Gibson (and even worse he’s an Aussie….!).

Talking of film festivals, this is perhaps a pertinent point to bring to the attention of the two readers of this blog (and I’m one of them) news of the First St. David’s Surf Film Festival, due to be held Oct 22-24 2010.

I’m one of the organisers of what we believe will be the first festival of its kind in the UK, and these are very early days as yet, but a full programme of events will appear in the fullness of time at

Book early to avoid disappointment!



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