Tell me Timberland, how do you get away with it? How can you advertise your boots as ‘waterproof’ when they just ain’t?

I’ve just come back from taking my dog for a walk in a pair of ‘classic’ Timberland boots (y’know, the ones chavs and rappers have taken to wearing) – it was raining, the ground was wet – and before long so were my feet.

So how the feck can you get away with advertising them as waterproof? They just ain’t – and I’ve had other pairs that haven’t been waterproof either (yes, more fool me….).

I assume there’s some kind of legal loophole that allows you to get around it. Well done if that’s the case. But if you were a truly ethical company you would neither advertise your rubbish product as waterproof nor would you use any loopholes that allow you to do so (assuming such loopholes exist – if they don’t maybe I’ll get my lawyers onto you…).

Still, I’ve finally learnt my lesson. Last pair of Timberlands I buy…leave ‘em for the chavs and rappers, they don’t need ‘waterproof’ boots anyway.



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