Make the most of Pembrokeshire’s waves

With over thirty years experience of surfing in Pembrokeshire as well as the authorship of one of the UK’s best selling surf guides, Alf is ideally placed to guide you to the county’s best surf.

Pembrokeshire’s unique combination of huge tides, differently angled coastlines and consistently changing weather patterns means that it’s far from easy to hit the best spots when they’re firing unless you have local knowledge.

And if you only have a few days to spare, you can’t afford to take a chance on finding the primo spots.

Alf’s knowledge of the Pembrokeshire surf scene will be put at your disposal to ensure that whenever there’s a swell running you score the best waves – whether you want an easy beach break or a big, challenging reef or point.

You need to supply board, wetsuit and vehicle (for solo surfers the vehicle isn’t required) and Alf will guide you to the best waves and also point you in the direction of the best bars and restaurants for apres surf entertainment.

Advice on accommodation and other activities in the area can also be provided.

Call in advance or on the day to book or for more details.


Solo guiding £25 per day (fuel extra if not using own car)

Group guiding (max six) £20 per person per day

For more info call 07977 057993 or e mail