I guess that these days we all have our dress codes – indeed, come to think of it society has always been thus. Here in Pembrokeshire, for example, you’ll see everything from surf-style attire on the local beaches to the cheap trainers, baggy trackie bottoms, logo-ed sweatshirt and tats of the obese chavs of Milford Haven and Haverfordwest.

This admirable diversity of sartorial style and peacockery has recently led me to question two aspects of the phenomenon, namely:

Why do corpulent chavs have such a fixation on sportswear when the only thing they’re ever likely to get in a sweat over is dropping their packet of chips?

And why do toffs insist on wearing their keks at half-mast (although I may have the answer to this one – it could be to better reveal their snappy taste in lurid socks and well-polished brogues; or it is perhaps to assist small mammals in entering and exiting bottom of said trews?).

But these are merely guesses. If anyone has the authoritive answer to the above questions, do tell…



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