The insidious and hideous march of Health & Safety continues like an unstoppable swarm of army ants – I see that Freshwater West, a beach I surf from time to time, is now patrolled by lifeguards.

One of the great joys of surfing at ’Fresh West’ in the past was its wildness – totally undeveloped and with no commercialisation bar an ice cream van, just a lovely environment of waves, sand and dunes (with the occasional bang! from the nearby Army firing range - a pointless blot on the landscape best left for another rant).

This meant of course that it was up to the individual to look after him or herself when surfing here, but in this limp wristed nation that will never do, will it?

We must ensure everyone is wrapped in cotton woool, protected from themselves and never allowed to get anywhere near the slightest whiff of danger or excitement.

So now we have lifeguards strutting up and down the beach telling us where we can and can’t go.

My advice would be to tell them and the RNLI where they can go. Why can’t the powers that be just leave a few bits of this increasingly crowded and paranoid nation alone, to be enjoyed as nature intended?

We don’t need to have our hands held every step of the way through life – bloody hell, at this rate in another twenty years we’ll have a nation of wimpy milkfops who daren’t cross the road without getting written permission, let alone hit a surf beach without full lifeguard cover.


P.S. It has come to my attention that my sentiments have been echoed recently by somoe dude at the Daily Telegraph called Harry Mount. Much as it pains me to agree with some braying middle class twerp (he’s a cousin of David Cameron so can he be anything else?) in this instance I must tug my working class forelock in his direction.

There again it is a bit rich foor some interloper from London to be whining on about our beaches when its London types like him who are usually the useless prats who need rescuing and thus give the RNLI a goood excuse to start needlessly patrolling the beach.

I say let the London types drown, the locals enjoy the surf unmolested and the RNLI remain in Tenby and everybody will be well served.



One Response to LEAVE US TO DIE

  1. Ben says:

    Hi Alf

    The RNLI have a business case doncha know for patrolling any strip of sand they can get a contract for. Once they have it they can fill it with walkie talkies, SUVs,wave runners and quad bikes that issue forth the foulest of noise and exhaust emissions.It’s ok though because its all for our safety. The RNLI’s PR machine never ceases in the summer months to trumpet the stats for their activities.
    Croyde, never a haven during summer,is now a racetrack for red shorted purveyors of safety. I no longer even feel safe in the water. The day when a wave runner launches off a wave and lands on a swimmer/surfer is very close at hand…but hey as I said the RNLI have a business case.

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