Customer service – it’s not something you can rely on these days; and it can also be a little confusing trying to work out exactly who and what a customer is (for instance the local youth hostel has a car park for ‘customers only’ – but aren’t you a ‘guest’ when you stay in an establishment for the night?).

Anyway, be that as it may, I decided to stand up for my rights as a ‘customer’ recently and have to say I was rather surprised at the outcome. What happened was that last February I bought a pair of rather natty tweeds (i.e. some nice trousers) made by US company Kuhl whilst on a ski trip to Colorado.

A mere 12 months later they had worn through at the crotch, despite not having received excessive use, and it pretty much made them unwearable since we all know that chilled nads should be avoided at all times.

So I went online and wrote to Kuhl explaining my dissatisfaction at their product, but not really expecting as reply. Sure enough I waited for days, which then became a week and it seemed to confirm my expectation that my e mail would go unread – until all of a sudden a reply from Kuhl appeared in my inbox.

My e mail had been forwarded to their UK distributor who apologised for the pants not being up to scratch, asked what size I needed and offered to send me a new pair. When the size I wanted turned out to be unavailable he offered an alternative which is at this very moment winging its way towards me along with a free baseball cap.

Now that’s what I call good service. And it also shows that Kuhl ( since you ask – check it out for some great casual wear) are well aware of the importance of maintaining a good reputation – for the relatively minimal cost of a new pair of pants (and a hat) they now will now receive regular word-of-mouth recommendations from me (the finest form of advertising a business can get) not to mention a positive mention on my blog which gets at least – oh, I don’t know – two hits a week.

Here are a few businesses that in my experience could learn a thing or two from Kuhl: Great Western Railways; Freeride Ski Shop, Meribel; Orange; Nissan Motors; HM Government.

And here are a few others which I’d be happy to recommend to anyone: Swiss Railways ( ); Guts Surfboards ( ); Red Mountain Ski Resort ( ); O’Neill Wetsuits ( ).



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  1. Skier says:

    I was looking for your longer post regarding a bad experience in a French ski shop but cannot find it again. Please repost a link.

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