Having lived in Wales for over twenty years I can with all honesty say I rather like the place – the scenery and the people are first rate, I’ve never experienced the age old English complaint of “and as soon as we all walked in the pub they all started talking in Welsh” (how do you know ‘they’ weren’t speaking in Welsh before you entered the pub – after all, it is the native language?) and apart from the pubs in Pembrokeshire being pretty rubbish it’s a part of the world with much to recommend it.

So why do so many of the natives go and spoil it all whenever Wales do well at rugby, as at the moment? Here’s what I mean:

In my experience, when England are successful in sport we English tend to celebrate in the usual way – a good old piss up followed by endless repeats of the glorious event on TV for the next year (cricket)/four years (rugby)/until the end of time (football).

In Wales, however, the modus operandi on success in sport, particularly rugby, is take time out from your celebrations – and for the next few days or years to come – to text, phone or e mail anyone you know who is English with pathetic jokes at our expense. Even so-called professional commentators on the sport can’t resist a dig – take Eddie Butler, former Welsh player and now anti-English rugby commentator.

After last week’s dismal performance against the French he just couldn’t let it lie with a critique of the game, he had to follow in the time honoured footsteps of so many of his countrymen with this: “France had a proper mutiny and are through to the semi-final. Isn’t it wonderfully Gallic to be so perverse? England just went on the lash and is it any wonder that a group of sour-faced boozers cannot make the top four. You can only get away with excess if you are winning.”
Hard to imagine an English commentator either making such remarks about the Welsh or getting away with it…

The trouble is Eddie that all you’re revealing with that (apart from pettiness and lack of professionalism) is the same gigantic chip on your shoulder as so many of your fellow countrymen.

And what’s even more ironic is that such remarks are mostly met with utter indifference by the English.
Unfortunately though, when you’ve endured 23 years of it, it wears a bit thin, so whereas I know I should by rights be supporting Wales in their clash with France this weekend, I may well find myself getting behind the French – after all, they won’t insult me if they win.



  1. Mark Dove says:

    And as per usual the English (Glory is thy name .. but not your game) always look to lash out as they are falling further into the Webb Ellis abyss instead of trying to find solutions for their sheer lack of inspirational playing.. and administration. Take the Grauniad Sport headline this week,”The RFU cash cow that is turning England into laughing stock of rugby.” This had we Taffies sniggering quietly into our cwrw whilst with copious shadenfreude we related tales of sponsored mouthguards, ferry leaping, ball tampering, illegal play and fucking useless Johnny Wilkinson. The boys of Cymru don’t need to crow about how pathetic the English are:the bitter charioteers are managing it rather well themselves. Watch out next time you enter the Farmers Arms clad in Yorkshire rose!

  2. Mark Dove says:

    BTW Am I the only person who follows your blog?

    • gaylord says:

      No I believe Eddie Butler is an avid reader.

      I don’t drink in the Farmers any more bach – crap, overpriced ale and a lousy atmosphere. Wouldn’t last a second in Yorkshire. But you shouldn’t bother thissen so much wi’ England’s game. Enjoy your own brief spell in the limelight – it’s good fun getting to the finals and/or winning it. Us English know all about that!

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