Enough of the regular (ahem) ACL updates – who cares other than me?

Of far more importance is the recent loss of a new and rather dapper titfer (hat) purchased on the mean streets of London last week. Within 24 hours of said purchase I’d lost the damned thing.

Perhaps the brief spell of time it was off my head led to excess chilling, consequent forgetfullness and the resultant loss of hat…

Either way, it’s of no great consequence for a swift perusal of the various corners of my home revealed no less than 16 baseball caps, six ski hats, a rather extravagant furry number from the Appalachian Mountains and a couple of old school flat caps.

Clearly I am a man with a titfer fetish. For as we all know, humans have but one head on which to wear our choice of headgear (unless you come from Port Talbot) so why the need for twenty-plus hats?

Whatever…I’m off to the gentlemen’s outfitters in Haverfordwest post haste to purchase a replacement for the lost titfer, and maybe rearrange a few books in the local book store (see The Times Online Surf Nation blog for more on that…)



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