For most of us a heliski trip is a once in a lifetime event – actually, no, for most people a heliski trip is a nonce in a lifetime event. But there are some wealthy individuals who get to enjoy this supreme form of skiing on a regular basis – annually, perhaps even bi-annually.

And there’s a heliski company in Canada that rewards regular clients such as these with a special jacket once they’ve completed one million vertical feet of skiing with them (

I’ve seen a few people wearing them out here in the Three Valleys this winter, and to be honest they look like something they picked up in TK Maxx. That said it may be that these are old version and by now the company are awarding guests with something a bit more stylish.

But really though, what’s the point? Why not just give their guests a t-shirt saying “I’m Wealthier Than You Will Ever Be” across the front and back and have done with it?



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