Just back from a very rainy hike in the Alps, wearing a (very) expensive Gore-tex jacket and shoes. And my feet and torso are wet.

Because Gore-tex DOES NOT WORK.

I’ve known it for years as have others yet we still fall for the guff that it’s THE breathable and waterproof fabric. Well it ain’t.

This is not the first time I’ve used Gore-tex fabrics and ended up damp and very uncomfortable.

Christ only knows how the company gets away with selling a product that clearly ain’t fit for purpose. In this instance I merely endured a mildly uncomfortable few hours of moistness, but in more extreme circumstances being cold and damp in the mountains could have far more serious consequences.

It just ain’t good enough, especially when you consider how much you have to pay for a garment containing the material of which are made the emperor’s new clothes…


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