The answer to misleading snow reports…

I have come up with the ideal solution to the problem of misleading information on snow conditions, and you, gentle reader, shall be the first to know of it.

Y’see it occcurred to me that since ski resorts already offer avalanche information based on a flagged warning system to keep us safe (ish) whilst in the mountains, why not have the same system for snow/piste conditions?

The flags could even be the same, but in blue and white instead of black and yellow (blue for ice, white for snow you see…).

So, here it is, the Finn Snow Report System (FSRS) – I’m not so immodest to name a system after myself that will obviously take off internationally like wildfire, so have given it the appellation of my dog instead.

LEVEL 1 (blue flag) – all resort runs icy and may also have bare/worn patches

LEVEL 2 (blue and white chequered flag) – most pistes icy and/or bare/worn except on upper slopes

LEVEL 3 (blue and white quartered flag) – most upper slopes in good condition; some lower slopes icy/bare/worn

LEVEL 4 (half blue/half white flag) – most pistes in good condition; a few lower or south facing slopes may have icy/bare/worn patches

LEVEL 5 (blue flag) – excellent skiing throughout the resort.

Now tell me that ain’t a good idea?!

Of course, were the Finn Snow Report System to actually be adopted by ski resorts it would be a miracle – sure, when conditions are level 4 or 5, any resort would be happy to fly the appropriate flags high and wide throughout the mountain, but when it’s a level 1 or 2 (as it currently is for every resort in this region) – well, they’re not gonna go out of their way to publicise that, are they?

Still, nice idea…



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