Well I’ve seen it all now. French outdoor gear manufacturers Millet are running a competition with the first prize being the chance to summit Everest.

To be honest there will be requirements of the winner that they do possess the potential to get to the top of the world (one wonders what these may be – getting to the top of your stairs without a tea break, perhaps?) but egad, how the mighty have fallen (by which I mean Everest).

Who could have imagined that one day the summit of the world’s highest mountain would become the prize in a competition? Whatever shine was left on this once great prize in mountaineering has now, surely, faded and died.

What next? Big Brother on Denali? Xtreme-Factor on K2?

God almighty, I wish I’d been born in the days of Whymper and co. – at least the mountains had some mystery and dignity about them then…



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