This can be the only logical explanation of one of the headlines this comic masquerading as a newspaper ran today – ‘Worst Blizzards in a Hundred Years About to Hit’, or words to that effect.

Who else but a child with no experience of anything at all could have come up with such an over the top headline? There isn’t one iota of evidence to support it – sure it’s gonna be cold and windy but hardly a one hundred year event.

If it’s not the case that the Express has taken to employing minors then we can only assume that both editor and staff are feeble minded in the extreme. It’s this kind of puerile, alarmist drivel that gives the press its bad name – but then ‘Cold and Windy Weather to Come’ would hardly excite the suggestible morons who read the Express would it?

That paper is a bloody joke – there again I’d write for them if they paid me. ‘Glaciers Trundle through Pembrokeshire’, anyone…?



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