Have been trying for a long time to work out how self professed uber eco dudes Howies are so eco friendly…

Even wrote to them to ask – no reply.

I mean, if they are so eco friendly why do they bring out a fresh bunch of kit every season when there’s nothing wrong with the stuff they already produce? Cos I have to admit it is nice stuff.

But think of the huge carbon

footprint a new clothing range creates.The view in this part of Wales (St David’s) is that they’re a bunch of London types who moved down here a few years ago and are now trying to pass themselves off as cool eco dudes without much to really back it up apart from a load of sanctimonious stuff about how green and trendy they and their mates are in their catalogue(why a new one of those twice a year too?).

Never seen ’em in the surf round here…

Don’t see ‘em listed as members of One Per Cent either…how very odd for such eco warriors.




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