Me and my mate Pete have just launched a new mag on the Apple Newsstand, which goes by the pretentious name of Church of the Open Sky. Before you rush screaming for the exit, let me advise you that there is no reference whatsoever to gods or religion of any sort – the ‘church of the open sky’ is simply a phrase used by pioneering Hawaiian surfer Tom Blake to describe what others call rather more mundanely the ‘great outdoors’.

And if you think about it, it’s pretty apt. After all, those of us who are into said ‘great outdoors’ spend far more time playing beneath the sun than the deluded fools who believe in gods spend praying beneath the altar, and it undoubtedly gives as much spiritual nourishment as any amount of time spent on bended knees in fusty churches ever can.

Also, it doesn’t lead to wars, intolerance and oppression of minorities which is a lot more than can be said for Christianity, Islam or pretty much any of the other superstitions that have blighted humankind over the centuries.

So perhaps I may invite you to join the congregation? Of course, you’ll need an iPad in order to do so and frankly they are, in my opinion, as overrated as religion (as are mobile phones, gaming and most things associated with electronic jiggery-pokery and the Internet). But that’s another rant for another day…



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