It’s official – my dog Finn is now the coolest hound in the Alps. For today he became the proud owner of a ‘Dog Buff’.

If you’re wondering what this is, well you’ll no doubt have heard of, perhaps even own, a buff – this is just the canine version. It has nice, cheerful colours, reflective bands and can be worn over the ears when the snow is falling (although Finn doesn’t like that style too much).

Sure, a dog buff isn’t a vital accessory for any pooch, but he cuts quite a dash in it (signed pics will be available shortly) so why not?

I got my first buff all of 18 years ago and still use it since the classic blue Paisley pattern has yet to be bettered in my opinion, but I was pretty impressed by the latest offering (for humans that is) that I got my hands on today.

It’s a neck warmer and head-liner featuring a really snug Polartec fabric around the neck and above this a thinner and lighter fast wicking fabric which can be pulled up over your bonce and worn under a ski helmet on cold days – a nice combination of two of the standard features of a regular buff but with a little more design incorporated.

It’s supposed to snow on and off for the next few days so that should be the ideal chance to try it out, but I suspect I won’t look anything like as cool as Finn in his dog buff – and you can get one for your own hound here


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