Rather than meaningless rants here’s a  blog with a reason…

Back in March I blew my ACL skiing in Canada; operation to reconstruct it was in July; and I’m now 15 weeks in to the rehab programme.

So from here on I’ll be posting occasional reports on how it’s going so that other poor buggers in the same situation can (should they wish) compare and contrast their own progress.

Today’s report will be short as the sun is shining and I’m just about to go and put on my custom made and very expensive knee brace and take the dog for our longest walk since the operation, which may be around three miles.

My knee still aches and doesn’t have a full range of movement, with full flexion and extension being very painful, but I can get around without too bad a limp (although yesterday’s session in the gym has flared things up somewhat). Apparently this is all quite normal at this stage – there’s still at least another three months of rehab ahead, if not more, and fun activities such as surfing and skiing are totally out of bounds until the new year at the earliest (later for the skiing).

But as I said the sun is shining and I must dash, so one last piece of advice for now. Don’t blow your ACL!! It really is NO FUN at all…



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