Just take a moment, if you will, to read the paragraph at the end of this blog, which is the current long term weather forecast from the Met Office. I think even Dr Liam Fox MP would be hard pressed to come up with something more ambiguous.

What is the point of a weather forecast that abounds in phrases such as ‘likely to be’, ‘perhaps’, ‘around average’, ‘close to’ etc.? There isn’t a single hard statistic or prediction in this ‘forecast’, which makes it totally meaningless.
The Met Office might just as well say ‘Actually, we’re not sure, so let’s just wait and see how it turns out’.

Not a lot of use, admittedly, but still a million times better than the screeching alarmism of that excuse for a newspaper otherwise known as the Daily Express which recently advised that we are shortly to be plunged into a mini Ice Age and temperatures will soon fall to minus 20C.

Is that the day before the aliens invade, riots break out in the streets (again) and the BBC starts screening hard core porn 24 hours a day?

‘Temperatures are likely to be close to or just below normal for most parts of the UK to end October. However, they are likely to return back to the seasonal average as we progress into November, perhaps slightly above at times in the south and east. Rainfall amounts will continue to be around average throughout the period, perhaps slightly higher than average towards the west at first. Sunshine amounts will also be close to the seasonal average for the time of year, with the best of the brightness towards the south and east.’


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