Well, today I enjoyed my best day of piste skiing this season. An early start saw me and my mate Duncan at the top of ‘M’ piste in Courchevel 1850 pretty much before anyone else had been down it, and huge grins spread across our faces as we beheld 580 vertical metres of immaculately groomed, untracked black piste bathed in early morning sunshine; short of an empty powder field it’s hard to imagine a finer sight.

Without further ado we hit it, and for the next couple of minutes the only sound was the “Drrr…drrr” of our skis carving through the corduroy with almost metronomic precision, along with increasingly heavy breathing and, in my head at least, a wild “Yee-ha!” or two.

We got in three descents before things became too busy – 1,740 metres of perfect ‘vert’ before it was even time for coffee. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

And as if that wasn’t enough the second journey back to our start point in the Vizelle bubble was one of the funniest lift experiences I’ve ever had. It appears the Toffs are in town, for we found ourselves squeezed in between six aristocratic types from South Kensington and the Shires.

How do I know this? Their remarkable conversation gave it away. First of all there was loud braying for ‘Dustbin’ to get in the bubble before it left without him, ‘Dustbin’ being ‘Toffese’ for ‘Justin’ (our betters are such wits don’t you think?).

And then they started babbling across the bubble at each other about their pal Lord Chomondley ( I kid you not) totally oblivious to the presence of us common people. Had I been working for the now dead and buried News of the World I would have had tomorrow morning’s front page written by the time we got out of the lift, but of course I’m not so I cannot tell you what I learnt – other than that Toffs are indeed a very different breed to the rest of us.

So, all in all a spiffing day, what what?!



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